C H Clepitt

What would you wear to the Apocalypse? #IWoreHeels Out Now!

Welcome to the official website of  C H Clepitt, author, freelance writer and occasional badger based in the UK.  With a background in community and music journalism, as well as bra fitting (which she never wishes to speak of) C H Clepitt is the author of a number of books and short stories.  Currently the badger in charge of satirical news website Newsnibbles as well as a number of other projects, C H Clepitt is the pen name of music journalist and grumpy blogger Claire Evans, best known for her tongue in cheek features on the now defunct online music magazine Rockonnection Live.

“Claire adds, with her tongue in cheek style, some colour to otherwise pale, predictable rock band features we’re all used to see around.”

– Denis Augusto, Musician, Managing Editor of Rockonnection Live

Having discovered that her given name is rather common Claire decided to resubmit her fictional writings (or books, as they are known in certain circles) under a pen name. Clepitt is a family name, and now belongs to very few people, so writing under this name allows it to at least in a small part keep the name alive.

A laugh out loud romantic comedy with poodles and mopeds.



You’ll have to look long and hard to find a more inventive and deftly executed story either within the Fantasy genre or for that matter anywhere else.