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Friday Flash – Strange

This Friday’s flash prompt from Claire was to type “strange pictures” into Google, and pick one as inspiration for a flash.  What this showed me is that people find many different things strange, and strange for someone might be perfectly normal for someone else, so, here’s my #FridayFlash Strange Pictures It always struck me, how the

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Friday Flash: Music

Today in our Sparkly Badger’s Group, the flash prompt from Claire read as follows: Choose your favourite song, pick a smidgen of the lyrics and use that as your inspiration. Alternatively, choose an instrumental piece. Share your music & your flash in the comments below, no more than 1000 words. My original problem was that

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Nursery Rhymes and Coffee

In our Sparkly Badgers Facebook group we have a weekly writing task called “Flash Friday”, no, not that kind of flash, perv. We are given a prompt and have to write some flash fiction based on it. This week’s prompt is: Think of your three favourite nursery rhyme characters. Have them meet in a coffee

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The Grumpy Badger Guide to Writing Dinosaur Erotica

Featuring special guest writer A.M. Leibowitz. Well, it turns out Dino-porn is a thing. Like a real thing. People write books about humans having sex with dinosaurs, and it has a following.  There are people who want to read about people having sex with dinosaurs.  In the spirit of education, I have teamed up with

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The Grumpy Badger Guide to Getting Online Attention

You voted, this is what you want to know about, so here it is! What do you think my next “Grumpy Badger Guide” should be on? #woofwoofwednesday #amwriting #HowTo — The Grumpy Badger (@BadgersTweetToo) April 19, 2017   Today’s Grumpy Badger Guide focuses on how to get attention on social media. Clearly there are lots

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The Grumpy Badger Guide to Writing Erotica

Grumpy Badger guides are going to be a new section of Newsnibbles, where Badger will write “How To” guides on request. Having mentioned to several friends that I have now inadvertently ended up editing not one, but TWO erotica novels, (not on purpose, not my genre of choice, I did not need to know ANY

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