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Happy Easter!

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Hello everyone! Did you follow the link from my newsletter here? Or have you been silently lurking for months, just waiting for me to post something thrilling?! I’d love to know how you found me, so say hello in the comments, would you?

Today I would like to draw your attention to two things. Firstly, my hilarious sci fi satire is free on Kindle over this Easter Weekend, so if you were thinking you’d like to, erm… take a chance on me… now’s the time…

So, anyway, if you want to check out Heels whilst it’s free, get on with it! I’d really appreciate the downloads, followed by the honest reviews. I’m not sure if reviews do anything, but they do make me feel like it’s worth bothering, so you could do that for me… Click here to get your copy!

Wait, what’s that? You came here on an Easter Egg hunt? Well, it wouldn’t exactly be a hunt if it was easy to find, would it? *Rolls eyes* – here you go…


Category : Poetry

Be careful walking in the slush,

Even if you’re in a rush,

If you’re not then you may find,

You slip and fall on your behind.

Flash Friday

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Today’s Flash Friday prompt from the fabulous Claire Buss is ‘Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?’

When it ended.

“School for me was one big party. I was captain of the football team, popular, could write my own ticket.  I had scholarships to all the major colleges, just had to pick.”

“So what happened?” Jared looked at his father.  The washed up mechanic with the bum knee and the beer gut had always been a bit of a joke to him.  Still lived in the small town he’d grown up in, worked in the garage since he was seventeen, but was still just a mechanic.  Anyone else would be managing the place by now, Jared thought.

“I didn’t want the party to end,” the man said quietly.  Indeed, he had never raised his voice to Jared, but there was something in his tone now that told the boy to be cautious. “I see you feel the same way.” He placed a clear bag with white powder on the small glass coffee table between them.  Jared felt the blood drain from his cheeks and a wave of nausea swept over him.

“Where…” he began.

“You left it in your damn jeans! Your mother found it when she was doing the washing! How could you be so damn stupid? You want to waste your future for a momentary high? You know if they find this shit on you it goes on your permanent record. No college will touch you! You wanna leave this town? You wanna have a future? You need to stop partying and care! For god’s sake, Jar! I thought better of you!”

“I…” the boy swallowed hard. “Everyone at the party was doing it, I…”

“No more parties, then. Six months to graduation, I need you to knuckle down, focus on the goal, can you do that?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. You’re grounded until further notice.”

“Oh, but…”

“Nope, grounded, further notice, and if I ever get a call from the police saying you were found with this shit on you, you can stay in jail, you understand me? It’s poison!”

Jared stood up and stomped up to bed.  The man left in the room stared at the white powder, it was just there, so tempting.  He picked it up, held it in his hand, just feeling it.  The he sighed, stood up, headed to the bathroom, emptied the bag down the toilet and flushed.

Dead Cigarette in the Snow

Category : Poetry

Dead cigarette in the snow,

White ruined by a yellow glow.

Why can’t you vape?

Or better yet,

Just give up your cigarette.

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