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Questioning Lesbians – MA Binfield

MA Binfield is a hopeless romantic living in the UK with her long-term partner. She loves books, tea, traveling, tea, theater, and tea. She is a frustrated linguist who is overly tall and has always wanted to be left-handed. She’s a passionate public servant and, randomly, a qualified football referee. Home is always where the heart is.

My fan may remember you from my book launch, but for everyone else, tell us a bit about the book you’ve come to talk about.

It’s a sweet, angsty, slow burn romance with some great sex and a hAPPy eNDiNg!

We all love a happy ending. And speaking of happy, what’s your favourite sandwich?

Ham and piccalilli or just crisps on white bread. I’m a purist.

If you were a purist it would be a chip butty and I’ll have no arguments. Anyway, Back to lesbians. What do your fictional lesbians question? Do they question or is it just a rumour?

Oh yeah. Constantly. Their love for each other, their capacity for happiness, their sartorial choices.

What about non lesbians, do they have questions?

They should. A lot.

How about Bisexuals?

ALL of the questions.

If your book was an animal, what would it be?

A raccoon called Valentina

Specific… Dogs or cats?

Which one is most likely to miss me when I go out? I have neither though I am thinking about a budgie.

Not sure how easy a budgie would be to accessorise, but generally speaking, where are you on the great pet couture debate?

Absolutely not. (What is it exactly? Is it when dogs dress up in cammo jackets?)

*Takes deep breath and changes subject* Who or what inspires you?

Kindness, people active in their communities, Kristin Scott-Thomas’s French and Gillian Anderson’s confidence

And on the subject of inspiration, what inspired your latest book?

A desire to take some time off work. I needed a really good excuse. Plus I had a laptop full of unfinished romance novels and it was getting embarrassing. This one decided to push itself to the front. They’d been waiting for their happy ending for an indecently long time.

Haven’t we all? Ahem… Anyway… If you could question any lesbian, who would you pick and what would you ask?

I’d ask Sarah Waters to write a bit quicker so we could have a book a year not every two years. (The absolute cheek of me!)

Top 3 lesfic reads! Go!

Thy Neighbour’s Wife – Georgia Beers (it’s just paced so well, and has some great sex)
Love at Cooper’s Creek – Missouri Vaun (my first book of hers, I discovered hot southern butches because of that book)
Affinity – Sarah Waters (it’s masterful, it made me want to cut my wrists but it’s still masterful and it reminds me why I love books with happy endings!)

Who would you like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

Did you question yourself yet? C H Clepitt.

Would that not be a tad narcissistic?? Anyway, tell my reader where they can find you on the web!

If you would like to answer my probing questions, you can find them here.

Questioning Lesbians – Natasja Hellenthal

This week’s Questioning Lesbians is with Natasja Hellenthal.

Natasja, was born and raised in The Netherlands. She has always enjoyed reading, observing and studying life; basically anything interesting around her! She loved being surrounded by nature and animals from a young age and could dream away for hours in a wild wood. Alas, there wasn’t much wild nature in Holland, so she left in her early twenties to search for greener pastures! She has travelled through Europe mainly after that, searching and experiencing life. I have lived and worked in Norway, Wales, Norther-Ireland and England. Interesting years! She now lives in the South of France.

Natasja has been visited by vivid dreams since she was very young and can remember bits of past lives. Since the age of 18 she has been writing these fragments down. Her writing is fuelled by her imagination, translated it to English over the years, and am published since 2014. The Queen’s Curse was her debut novel which became an international bestseller on Amazon.

Natasja is now a novelist with 10 books in total, but at heart she is also an eco-warrior, animal lover (and thus vegan) and equal rights activist. Her interests include reading the best (both fiction and non-fiction), poetry, space and science, ancient aliens, the unexplained, interesting movies, nature and art, and outdoor activities such as hiking, organic farming, swimming in the sea, paddle-boarding and cycling. She lives in the Pyrenees, South of France close to the sea which she needs for her well-being. Natasja co-parents two small children whom she adopted with her ex wife. She am always trying to help and save wildlife or collect plastic out of the sea.

Wow! Quite the bio! I love the past lives bit, I would love to know more about mine. But this isn’t all about me (who am I even kidding?), so, let’s get back to you. Tell me a bit about your books.

I have ten books! I can’t choose which ones to talk about! It’s like choosing between which of my children I want to discuss! I have a variety of books in the speculative genre. Each is different and unique. Click here!

Loving the subtle inclusion of a hyperlink there. You are officially my marketing hero! Tell me, who or what inspires you?

I am influenced by writers such as Tanith Lee, Kahlil Gibran, Patricia McKillip and Hermann Hesse. But also strong, independent people in general inspire me. Those who go in against the mainstream against all odds, who help others in times of need, who want to do good, who set the tone, who don’t give up despite ridicule or protest, who invent, who explore, who delve deep to find the answers, who expose the truth. One of my all time favourites is Dolores Cannon. Also, nature inspires me greatly! To be alone with my thoughts is a must! And last but not least: my partner, Kiki! She brings out the best in me, really. Together we come up with the greatest ideas too! She studied criminology, has done a variety of jobs, travelled and lived in different countries, and has an amazing sense of humour. She is currently writing ‘Confessions of a Flowerstand’ about her time as a “florist” in Vancouver. And together we are working on ‘Kiki’s Detective Service’.

Right, let’s get to the important stuff. Tell me about your favourite sandwich!

Homemade organic wholemeal bread with humus, fresh salad, cucumber, olives and cherry tomatoes!

I love hummus in a sandwich. I used to make a lovely hummus, roasted red pepper and lettuce sandwich, before I started eating distopian mush. Anyway, back to lesbians. Are your fictional lesbians questioning anything? If so, what?

Yes! Everything! Who they are, where they come from, how the world works, the universe, their bodies, where clouds come from, where the wind comes from, what is justice and what isn’t, what is good and evil, right and wrong, who decides what, what is a soul, where do we go where we dream, what are our minds, how are we connected, how we are brainwashed, conditioned, how we can change etc. So much!

Well, that is a lot of questioning, but then again, that’s what these interviews are all about! What about non lesbians? Do they question things?

Hahaha, well, I certainly hope so! I would say to them, “If you stop questioning, instead take things for granted, and don’t think for yourself, why do you live at all?” Just to live every day like the previous one, follow others, obey?

And I hope they would have a jolly good ponder of that. How about bisexuals? Twice the questions do you think?

The questions to what, I wonder? Their sexuality? I discuss this in my Comyenti Series actually! Call Off The Search features a supernatural, bisexual female, Sula, who is part of an alien humanoid species. They are all bisexual by nature, but she doesn’t know that as she knows little about her origins. This will come to light further on in the series… But the first two books do explore what it means for her in specific as she falls in love with the twins Felix and Feline.

And speaking of feline, cats or dogs?

I love all animals so that includes dogs and cats. I personally have a cat called Moona. She is the Queen. I don’t own her, she owns me.

As it should be. And where do you fall in the great pet couture debate?

I have never even heard of that! Is that a thing? I don’t think non-human animals are interested in fashion much and don’t have need for clothes like humans do (unless they have been domesticated or bred without hair, poor things!) Couture is a human concept and I’m against pushing our believes and behaviour onto “pets”.

And we were getting on so well… never mind. What inspired your latest book?

I have always wanted to write more about the supernatural beings I created for my Comyenti Series, they know so little about themselves, so I am in the process of writing the prequel to the series. To get to the bottom of things, so to speak! For them, myself, and my readers!

And if your book was an animal, what would it be?

My books are all different animals! I would say my debut novel ‘The Queen’s Curse’ is an elephant! They can walk nice and slow for hours, but also cause a stampede, attack if needed to defend, are immensely strong, thick skinned, but sensitive, wise and spiritual.

If you could question any lesbian, who would you choose and what would you ask?

Jodie Foster. Why did you wait so long with coming out?

Top three lesfic reads, quick smart!

The Dark Wife by S.E. Diemer – I love mythology and this is a great lesbian twist on Persephone’s story
Disturbed by her Song by Tanith Lee – Great collection of lesbian stories by the Queen of Fantasy
The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson – Intriguing, funny and well told sci-fi read.

Fabulous. And finally, who would you like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

Angelika Miltiadis

I just checked my list of questioned lesbians, and she is not on it. If you’d like to send her to this link, I can give her the third degree.

And you can find Natasja all over the interwebs below.

Questioning Lesbians: Marian Snowe

As my regular blog visitor will know (Hi Kiko) “Questioning Lesbians” is an interview section where I pin down a random lesfic author and bombard them with questions until my curiosity is satisfied. If you would like to be added to my list you can put yourself in the firing line here.

Today’s victim is Marian Snowe.

Marian Snowe lives in a little white house in New Hampshire, USA with her wife, who is so incredibly cool that Marian has no idea how she landed her. For a living, Marian writes lesbian romance and works at a living history museum, where she portrays the daughter of a tavernkeeper in 1777 some days and is a staff wrangler other days.

She has a BA in English and an MA in English Lit from the university where she met her wife, and where her wife still works as a librarian. When not writing or living the illustrious life of an underfunded nonprofit historian, Marian plays a lot of video games, draws and paints, knits, sews her costumes, and sleeps. She loves sleep. Sleep may be her greatest talent.

Marian and her wife are owned by two opinionated cats and a parakeet who loves murder.

I feel you on a spiritual level with the sleep thing. I too am an excellent sleeper. Anyway, who or what inspires you?

For one thing, nature inspires me. I have a deep yearning to translate the things I see and feel when I’m somewhere beautiful onto the page, so people reading can feel like they’re transported there. I’m also inspired by the state of lesbian fiction out there: the good stuff makes me want to write more and keep improving my storytelling, and the bad (or nonexistent) stuff makes me want to prove that lesbians and women who love women can have fulfilling relationships and happy endings.

Yes, happy endings are so important. And speaking of things that are important, do you have a favourite sandwich?

Grilled cheese! My father passed down an intrinsic talent for grilled cheese-making, and my wife still tells me that I make the best grilled cheeses even compared to restaurants. I can’t say I quite believe her, but if my grilled cheese can make her happy, I’ll make a million of them.

Cheese for the win every time. So, cats or dogs?

Cats, cats, cats. I’d have a hundred if I could. Also I would pet a hundred dogs if you let me, but I don’t want to raise one myself.

So, are you pro pet couture?

Some pet clothes are cute, but only if the pet is (mostly) willing or if the fashion show is very brief.

OK, well, I suppose I ought to loop the interview back around to lesbians. Are your fictional lesbians questioning anything?

Oh, heck yes. They’re usually questioning where they are in life (hah, that’s not autobiographical or anything), whether they’re happy with what things are like now, whether they deserve to improve their situation or are brave enough to change it, whether love is something they can achieve… Uncertainty is a big part of all of my characters, I think.

Hmm. So, what about non lesbians, then. Do they have questions? Do you care?

I hope they do? You can’t learn if you don’t question things, right? Whether I care depends on who we’re talking about here XD

I would never name names. Anyway, bisexuals, double the questions? Half the questions? Any questions at all?

As many as they want, I think!

Fair. So, let’s talk about your latest book. What inspired you to write it?

With the one I’m writing now, I wanted to experiment with a lot of fast-paced, witty dialogue.

Fast paced witty dialogue is my middle name! (Not really). So, if your book was an animal what would it be?

A fox, maybe. Quick and smart but also having the possibility of being super cute.

I saw a video of a fox laughing the other day and it was so cute and a bit disturbing. The laugh like people! Anyway, if you could question any lesbian, who would you pick?

I’d love to talk to Amy Lowell, a poet who lived in the early 1900s nearby where I live. Her poetry is so beautiful and evocative, and she was unashamed to be who she was. I would ask her to describe how she saw the world–I mean, literally, what did she see when she looked at things and how did she put that together with her thoughts to find such perfect imagery?

I’d also tell her that Ezra Pound can go screw himself. He might have been important to early modernist poetry but he was a petty, cruel jerk who made fun of her sexuality and appearance.

Finally, who would you like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

I’d love reading about any lesfic authors! I don’t know nearly enough people 🙂

Thank you for joining me for a chat. Where can we find you online?

Mailing list

Questioning Lesbians – Adan Ramie

You know the drill by now. I temporarily accost a lesfic author, demand answers then go away again. If you think being accosted by me sounds fun, you can find some questions here.

Adan Ramie writes about strong women who love other women.

OK, let’s kick off by talking inspiration. Who or what inspires you?

People. I love people, especially strong women, and I love stories, so it was only natural that I write stories about brave, fallible women who love other women.

People? Eurgh… really? I guess they’re OK in small doses. Moving along, cats or dogs?

Yes. I have a fat, grumpy, black cat. My girlfriend has a happy, brindle pit-bull-mix who thinks he’s still a puppy and a lap dog. I love them both dearly.

Sounds great! (I can get much more enthusiastic about animals than people). Now, sandwiches. What is the king of sandwiches?

The Elvis! My favourite variation is peanut butter, bananas, bacon, and honey, grilled hot and served fresh.

I see what you did there. Anyway, lesbians. You can’t make ’em up, right? Except you do. So, are your fictional lesbians questioning?

Absolutely! They question their choices, their motivations, the people around them, and even, sometimes, their right to exist.

Sounds intense. So, what about non lesbians? Do they have questions?

They do. In my books, I have gay, bi, pan, queer, cis, trans, and others questioning things, too. I care because my whole reason for writing is to prove women who love other women are just like everyone else. We are not a niche!

OK! So, what inspired your latest collection?

My latest is a collection. The first book, Maladaptation, was inspired by a band poster… and Stockholm Syndrome.

Crikey! OK! If you could question any lesbian, who would you choose?

I’m going to cheat on this question and ask indie-folk-rock-pop, twin, lesbian duo, Tegan and Sara, if their mother will adopt me.

How could she possibly refuse? So, who do you want to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

Anyone! I love the idea and want to dive in head first.

And finally, hit me with your top 3 lesfic reads!

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, because it was the first book I ever read with lesbians in it, and it still holds up. Herself When She’s Missing, because I’ve been in a so-called relationship with a Criminal Mastermind before, and this story spoke to that in an edgy, cathartic way. And… I can’t pick a third. I agonised, but I can’t choose.

That’s OK! Thanks for stopping by!

You can find out more at: Https://

Eye of the Beholder – Out June 14th

Eye of the Beholder – Press Release

June 1st 2020

C H Clepitt presents the first in a new series of queer fairy tale retellings. Eye of the Beholder is the first story in the Magic Mirror series of books which will retell these stories in a different time period, with queer protagonists.

When asked about this new project, Clepitt said:

“Representation matters. It matters so much, and you only realise how much when you eventually have it. Queer theory and queer readings of stories and films developed because queer people wanted to see themselves in stories. They wanted their own happy endings, so they read them into the narrative. This series is going one step further. It’s rewriting the narrative and inserting overt queer rep. We deserve better than hints and readings. We deserve to see ourselves, to have our own stories. That is what I’m hoping to do with this project.

I am also reworking all the aspects that would be problematic to a modern audience. In this retelling of Beauty and the Beast I have taken out the kidnap element and changed lots of other aspects too. If you want to find out more, you’ll just have to read it!”


When pressure from his materialistic children turns Claude into a thief, it is down to his youngest daughter to set things right. Angelique agrees to take her father’s place as prisoner to what she is told is a hideous beast.

Angelique soon discovers that the so-called beast is nothing more than Rosalie, a princess cursed to remain trapped in a castle, unless the curse can be broken, something she assures her is impossible.

Angelique does not believe in the impossible, and sets about trying to find a way to save her new friend, who she is rapidly growing to love.

Eye of the Beholder is the first in a series of queer fairy tale retellings in C H Clepitt’s Magic Mirror Collection.

Release Date: 14th June 2020

Available for Kindle pre-order here:

Available in paperback June 14th. See for details.

Release Party

We will be having an online release party between 3pm and 8pm GMT on the 14th. There will be games and competitions and lots of fun. You can show your interest here:

Questioning Lesbians – L.C. Mawson

You know what this is by now. I pin down a lesfic author and demand answers. I usually release them unharmed at the end. If you’re feeling brave and would like to take part then you can find the questions here.

L.C. Mawson is a cryptid who reportedly loves writing fast-paced genre fiction where girls kiss other girls, but is so rarely seen outside of her native habitat – her room – that it’s hard to verify.

I can already sense we’re going to get along, as I rarely leave my cave. But in these trying times we’re the new normal! Ha! Anyway, what would you like to talk about today?

My newest series, Ember Academy for Young Witches, is a YA Urban Fantasy Academy series that follows Amelia, a teenage lesbian who realises that she’s a Witch and that ancient forces may be out for her blood. Book One is available for pre-order and a prequel novella is now available to read for free:

That sounds fabulous. OK, so, we know you have fictional lesbians, but what are they questioning?

They’re usually questioning the institutions they’re trapped within and the validity of tradition.

This story is sounding right up my alley! OK, tell me what inspires you.

Anything and everything. And if that seems like too vague of an answer, my latest two examples of inspiration sources are “questions I have about the nature of community in the 21st century” and “an Undertale fan song that was stuck in my head.”

I mean… yeah… OK… um… Cats or dogs?

Cats (but also dogs are very good)

I’ll have to introduce you to my wonky ninja. OK, now the important stuff. What’s your favourite sandwich?

A crisp sandwich. Anything else can be in it as well, but there have to be crisps.

And almost certainly one of your 5 a day… um… yeah… So, pet couture, are you pro?

No, I always end up wondering whether or not the pet is happy with it.

And we were getting on so well until now… Never mind. Tell me what inspired your latest series.

Realising that I had yet to write a book in my Urban Fantasy universe with a vampire love interest.

There are vampires and you didn’t lead with this? I’m fine… if you could question any lesbian who would it be?

I’d ask Ruby Rose if the Batwoman wig makes it difficult to see. Seems like going from short hair in your day-to-day life to long hair when fighting would be the least practical way around, but I’d want to ask the person actually in the costume (or her stunt double).

OMG, I can’t believe she’s leaving us! Sniffles. Anyway thank you very much for stopping by. As you know, I have one reader, please let Kiko know where they can find you online.

Questioning Lesbians – Claire Highton-Stevenson

Welcome to “Questioning Lesbians” – the interview section where I ask authors of lesfic all those important questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. If you write lesfic and would like to answer some questions, click here.

Today’s questionable author is Claire Highton-Stevenson, so, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Claire Highton-Stevenson had no idea 5 years ago that she would be writing, publishing and making a career from romance.
In just two years she has accomplished much, including a Goldie in this year’s awards at the GCLS convention in Pittsburgh for her book, The Promise.
She is an avid traveller and a big Liverpool FC fan. When she is not writing you can find her in a plethora of coffee shops, locally, or abroad.
Using the name ItsClaStevOfficial, you can find out more about Claire on most social media platforms.

So, let’s start by talking books. Plug me a book.

Quite frankly, I am grateful if you read any of them!

I feel that response on a spiritual level. Sometimes it feels like I can’t give them away! But we carry on. Tell me, who or what inspires you?

Anyone who gets up in the morning and still manages to make it through the day without Coffee!!

Why would anyone choose to do that? Anyway, let’s talk sandwiches. Do you have a favourite?

Yes, its in Kent. Lovely little town.

Are your fictional lesbians questioning anything? If so, what?

When, who, how to have sex usually… they’re simple folk…

That’s your sales pitch right there, I reckon. Anyway, what about non lesbians? Do they question things? Do you care?

I do care.. I might have the answer! The answer might be become a lesbian!

I like your thinking… anyway, what about bisexuals? Twice the questions? Half the questions?

They have as many questions, they just use twice as many pronouns

I know I do… so, cats or dogs?

Both… I have 2 of each

Four pets? You MUST have an opinion on pet couture, surely?

I have no idea what that even means….

And we were getting on so well… anyway, what inspired your current book?

Its a sequel… it was demanded by my adoring public.

I myself have a fan. Hi Simon. So, if your book was an animal, what would it be?

I’d have a menagerie. No book is the same animal.

If you could question any lesbian, who would you choose?

Am I a police officer in this scenario?

I’m starting to feel like I’m intruding on my own interview. Let’s wrap it up, recommend me some books…

I don’t read…

I have nothing left… um, where can people find you online?

Questioning Lesbians: CJ Murphy

Questioning lesbians is a section of the website where I chat to authors of lesbian fiction about the questionable lesbians they produce… If you write lesbian fiction and would like to answer some probing questions, you can find them here.

This week I am talking to CJ Murphy.

CJ Murphy has spent thirty years in the fire service and now uses her experiences to write stories of action, adventure, and mix them with her love of romance. She publishes with Desert Palm Press and won a Goldie for her debut novel frame by frame. CJ’s also written The Bucket List a clue filled adventure romance. Now she’s concentrating on her Five Points series with book one, Gold Star Chance and book two, Forever Chance.

So, let’s talk about your latest book. Gimme the skinny… (is that what the cool kids say? I haven’t been out of the flat for a while…)

Forever Chance continues the adventures of Sheriff Chance Fitzsimmons as she tries to get a handle on the opioid epidemic that has invaded her county and an employee who steps over the line. Her lover, Jax, has her own issues to deal with in a sinister visitor’s unwelcome sexual advances to her and her staff. The resolution will close a critical link in the chain of a high profile investigation, putting lives and a vow yet to be made, at risk. Both women are dedicated to finding that balance, and their “Forever Chance” is but a promise away if only they can survive to trudge the snow to say ‘I do.’

Wow, that sounds intense. Let’s dial it back a notch for the folks at home and talk sandwiches. Don’t think, just answer – favourite sandwich.

Pepperoni Roll

And speaking of questions, what, if anything are your fictional lesbians questioning?

In a future book in the current series, I have plans for a foster home filled with kids who have been deemed hard to place for their sexuality. Some will know who and what they are while others question everything.

What about non lesbians, do they have questions? Do you even care?

Non lesbians do questions, I’m sure. Of course I care.

That’s because you’re a firefighter. You have to care. Anyway, dogs or cats?

Dogs, but I love cats too!

And as an important follow up to that, are you pro pet couture?

No, my dog likes her WalMart T-shirt. 🙂

If your book was an animal, what would it be?

A K9 dog. 🙂 Well, there are several in the book.

I’d like a book that comes when it’s called… what inspired your latest book?

I wanted an action adventure series centred in a tourist county. I lived in the county I’ve set the series and have been in the emergency services dealing with the predicaments the tourists get themselves into for years. Law enforcement characters are always popular, so I combined the two.

Cool! And in terms of more general inspirations, who or what inspires you?

My wife asked me to start writing. My career lends to the stories I write and share with the readers. When I hear from them that I’m creating characters they’d like to know in real life, I know I’m getting it right.

Tell me, if you could question any lesbian, who would you choose and what would you ask?

Ellen DeGeneres- if you had to go through it all again, would you so it anyway?

And, I ask everyone this one – your top 3 lesfic reads?

Intersection – Nancy Healy – I love political thrillers, this series is fantastic, Fated Love – Radclyffe I love that romance between Docs. The Fall – Robin Alexander, because I LOVE to laugh.

We all need a laugh at the moment, and that’s for sure. OK, tell me who you’d like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

KC Luck

Hmm. They are not on my list. If anyone knows them maybe send them my way… Anyway, as we know I have one regular website visitor, so please tell Kiko where we can find you online:

Questioning Lesbians – Brey Willows

It’s been a while since I questioned any lesbians, life happened then lockdown happened, but lesbians still exist, and therefore, we need to know more about them. Just a quick reminder that this rather lovely interview segment came out of me requesting “own voices queer fiction” and having a man offer me his “questioning lesbians”. After I’d dealt with the throw up that was in my mouth, I decided to question some lesbians, and find out exactly what’s occuring.

Just as a side note, the title of these interviews and the questions are intended to be humorous. The theme is about women loving women in fiction writing. I am not gatekeeping the sexuality of anyone I interview, and if you write own voices queer fiction with WLW as main characters (doesn’t have to be romance) then you can take part in questioning lesbians. And if you don’t, but would like me to send you over some probing questions, then get in touch!

So, without further ado, let’s get to today’s questionable lesbians…

Brey Willows is a longtime editor and writer. When she and her wife aren’t running a social enterprise working with marginalised communities on writing projects, she’s editing other people’s writing or doing her own. She lives in the middle of England with her wife and spends entirely too much time exploring castles and ancient ruins while bemoaning the rain.

So, we’re locked down, no castles for the foreseeable future, and here in the UK, that means politely queuing at 1 metre distance from everyone in the Co-Op and tutting at people who hoard toilet paper. But it also means, time for writing! So, tell me about the book you brought today!

Changing Course was so much fun to write. To create a world and its inhabitants is surreal and so rewarding. I’m a little in love with both main characters. They come from such intensely different backgrounds but manage to find their way to one another anyway.

Yes, world building makes you feel powerful, I love writing sci fi and fantasy. Tell me, what inspired this story?

The challenge to create a whole new world, and to explore how the women in it fit together despite their vast differences.

If your book were an animal, what would it be?

A brontosaurus. Gentle, big, and otherworldly looking.

Based on many (one) conversations I have had with men in the pub, I understand that all lesbians are questioning something. Tell me about your fictional lesbians, what do they question?

Everything! Mostly their purpose in life; why they’re here and how to live their best life. And how to stay alive.

The men were right! I don’t know why I doubted. It’s why they’re in charge. Hopefully they won’t judge me for doing my own research in this interview series. So, what about non lesbians? What do they question?

I play with big issues: does religion matter? Who gets a say in who gets saved from climate change and who doesn’t? What elements of society can be changed if someone just gave a damn? Is destiny a thing? Or do you have a say? Big questions the main characters debate with one another and with others.

And speaking of big questions, what’s your favourite sandwich?

Peanut butter and black cherry jam. The best thing ever.

I just don’t get the whole peanut butter thing… but that’s why I’m doing these interviews, to get other perspectives. Tell me who or what inspires you.

My wife and our often odd conversations, my dreams, and the question ‘what if?’

Whilst we’re on the serious stuff, dogs or cats?

Both, but no time for either.

And what about pet couture? Are you pro?

What on earth is that? Don’t they have fur?

So have I, but you don’t see me wandering around naked, do you? Anyway, what about bisexuals, do they have twice the questions lesbians do?

Twice the chance for complication

So, if you could question any lesbian, who would you choose and what would you ask?

I would ask Portia de Rossi how being out affected her career and emotional state, and how she juggles mental health with being in the public eye. (I’d ask Stephen Fry the same thing)

Who would you like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

Emerging authors just starting out.

And finally, hit me with your top 3 recommended Lesfic reads

Death in Time by Robyn Nyx (love the unique way she brings the trilogy to a close and I’m in lust with her strong characters), Secrets in the Stone by Radclyffe (love the sweet butch character and her deep vulnerability along with the light mystical element), and Jeannie Levig’s A Wish Upon a Star (what a beautiful story about older characters and a fabulous autistic child).

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