What Are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny data files stored on your computer used to remember things like your login details. For example, when you tick “remember me” logging into an account, it is a cookie that remembers you so that you don’t have to log in every time.

Cookies on this site:

On this website the main cookies will be if you choose to use the contact form then a cookie will remember you so that there is no need for you to retype your details if you wish to get in touch again.  Also, this site has a search bar, which will remember your previous search terms so that you do not have to retype these.

This website is powered by WordPress.  For more information about how WordPress uses cookies click here.

This website has recently installed WP Powerstats.  This will use cookies to track users movement (ie if one user looks at two pages, or if two users look at one page each).  For more information about how these stats work and the information they give us please visit WP Powerstats. 

You may also find Automattic’s Privacy Policy helpful in relation to cookies used by  To view it click here

Cookies from embedded features

On this site you will also find cookies from embedded Youtube videos, or Kindle books. Sites like Youtube and Amazon will use cookies to track clicks and recommend you similar products. I do not use affiliate links, and do not gain anything from you clicking on my embedded posts, they are simply there so that you do not have to leave my site to see the contents. To find out how Youtube uses cookies click here, and to find out how Amazon uses cookies click here.

Links to external sites:

On occasion this site may include links to external websites.  These sites may include cookies.  If you click a link on this site it is your responsibility to check the cookies section on these sites, as this site cannot be responsible for cookies used on other websites.  You may also find embedded content from sites such as Amazon or Youtube. These sites will have their own tracking cookies to find out how many clicks their embedded content has received.  You should refer to the original site’s cookie policy for more information on how their content uses cookies.

Disabling cookies

For more information on how to disable cookies in your browser here is a useful website.

If you continue to use this website without disabling cookies this indicates your acceptance of cookies from this site.