I haven’t done a Friday Flash for a while, but I’ve felt a bit blocked.  These are characters from my current WIP, A Walk in the Park.  This flash may find its way into the finished novel, or may just serve as background – I don’t know yet.  I do know that the prompt of Landscapes, managed to get me writing again, and I feel excited about my characters again.  Hopefully, you like it too.  Let me know what you think.








“Don’t get me wrong,” Cathleen was lying on her side, face propped on her hand, studying Jules. “I understand the point of landscapes. They didn’t have cameras, it was a way of capturing a moment, recording it. But really, it’s just copying. Anyone can copy.”

“It’s also a way of appreciating beauty,” Jules turned her head to gaze at Cathleen. This had happened far too fast, she wasn’t this person, was she? “People appreciate beauty in different ways.”

“They do,” Cathleen was studying her as though she was memorising her. The contours of her face, her body.

“Stop it!” Jules rolled over, suddenly self conscious and began to gather up her clothes.

“Where are you going?” Cathleen sat up, totally comfortable in her own skin.

“Nowhere,” Jules said over her shoulder as she hauled on her t-shirt and hopped into her jeans. “I just don’t like being naked in the middle of the day!”

“Hmm.” Cathleen made a sort of non-commital noise and continued to study her.

“I’d better not see myself in the next exhibit you do,” Jules warned, half joking, half not. “I’ll know, no matter how abstract you make it!”

“Some things are private.” Cathleen stretched languidly and climbed from the bed. “I’d rather have you there in person,” she smiled and took Jules’ hands.

“I… um…” Jules found herself struggling for words under the intense gaze. Suddenly her phone began to beep. She started as though remembering she was awake. “Shit! I have a meeting!” She pulled away and began to hunt for her shoes.

“Fine,” Cathleen took on a mock sulky tone. “Just leave me here with my paints.”

“I’ll call you later,” Jules offered.

“Yes, do, I’m not easy, you know.” Cathleen laughed. She’d already set a canvas up on an easel. “I think I’ll do a landscape, I feel inspired to capture beauty.”

4 thoughts on “Landscapes”

  1. AM Leibowitz says:

    I love this! It’s gentle, sweet, and has some nice humor. And now I want to see the painting, too.

  2. Debbie McGowan says:

    I was totally in the painting there, to the point it surprised me when they were in bed. 😀 Great flash. Excellent, also, that you wrote. Yay!

    1. Maria says:

      Me too! I was surprised that they were indoors! Lovely flash!

  3. Jane Jago says:

    Lovely imagery here. X

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