My Dream Woman

For easy to love characters, deep themes, and a world that left me wanting more, this gets 10/10 fountain pens.

A.M. Leibowitz

I loved this novella. I had pre-ordered it and read it from start to finish on the launch day.

Ann Frowd

A very entertaining novella.

Claire Buss

C H Clepitt who is one of my favourite indie authors! I know I will love her sense of humour and, however outlandish the situations her characters get themselves into, I will be rooting for them to succeed.

Literary Flits

Pair that with the story being narrated by the fresh, charming voice of a delightful, queer main character, and you have a winner in my opinion!

Scarlet Knight

The author has created a quite brilliant concept with the Guild of Dream Warriors and in doing so has opened up a whole new realm of potential for contemporary fantasy

Book Squirrel