Questioning Lesbians: CJ Murphy

Questioning lesbians is a section of the website where I chat to authors of lesbian fiction about the questionable lesbians they produce… If you write lesbian fiction and would like to answer some probing questions, you can find them here.

This week I am talking to CJ Murphy.

CJ Murphy has spent thirty years in the fire service and now uses her experiences to write stories of action, adventure, and mix them with her love of romance. She publishes with Desert Palm Press and won a Goldie for her debut novel frame by frame. CJ’s also written The Bucket List a clue filled adventure romance. Now she’s concentrating on her Five Points series with book one, Gold Star Chance and book two, Forever Chance.

So, let’s talk about your latest book. Gimme the skinny… (is that what the cool kids say? I haven’t been out of the flat for a while…)

Forever Chance continues the adventures of Sheriff Chance Fitzsimmons as she tries to get a handle on the opioid epidemic that has invaded her county and an employee who steps over the line. Her lover, Jax, has her own issues to deal with in a sinister visitor’s unwelcome sexual advances to her and her staff. The resolution will close a critical link in the chain of a high profile investigation, putting lives and a vow yet to be made, at risk. Both women are dedicated to finding that balance, and their “Forever Chance” is but a promise away if only they can survive to trudge the snow to say ‘I do.’

Wow, that sounds intense. Let’s dial it back a notch for the folks at home and talk sandwiches. Don’t think, just answer – favourite sandwich.

Pepperoni Roll

And speaking of questions, what, if anything are your fictional lesbians questioning?

In a future book in the current series, I have plans for a foster home filled with kids who have been deemed hard to place for their sexuality. Some will know who and what they are while others question everything.

What about non lesbians, do they have questions? Do you even care?

Non lesbians do questions, I’m sure. Of course I care.

That’s because you’re a firefighter. You have to care. Anyway, dogs or cats?

Dogs, but I love cats too!

And as an important follow up to that, are you pro pet couture?

No, my dog likes her WalMart T-shirt. 🙂

If your book was an animal, what would it be?

A K9 dog. 🙂 Well, there are several in the book.

I’d like a book that comes when it’s called… what inspired your latest book?

I wanted an action adventure series centred in a tourist county. I lived in the county I’ve set the series and have been in the emergency services dealing with the predicaments the tourists get themselves into for years. Law enforcement characters are always popular, so I combined the two.

Cool! And in terms of more general inspirations, who or what inspires you?

My wife asked me to start writing. My career lends to the stories I write and share with the readers. When I hear from them that I’m creating characters they’d like to know in real life, I know I’m getting it right.

Tell me, if you could question any lesbian, who would you choose and what would you ask?

Ellen DeGeneres- if you had to go through it all again, would you so it anyway?

And, I ask everyone this one – your top 3 lesfic reads?

Intersection – Nancy Healy – I love political thrillers, this series is fantastic, Fated Love – Radclyffe I love that romance between Docs. The Fall – Robin Alexander, because I LOVE to laugh.

We all need a laugh at the moment, and that’s for sure. OK, tell me who you’d like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

KC Luck

Hmm. They are not on my list. If anyone knows them maybe send them my way… Anyway, as we know I have one regular website visitor, so please tell Kiko where we can find you online:

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