Questioning Lesbians – Claire Highton-Stevenson

Welcome to “Questioning Lesbians” – the interview section where I ask authors of lesfic all those important questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. If you write lesfic and would like to answer some questions, click here.

Today’s questionable author is Claire Highton-Stevenson, so, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Claire Highton-Stevenson had no idea 5 years ago that she would be writing, publishing and making a career from romance.
In just two years she has accomplished much, including a Goldie in this year’s awards at the GCLS convention in Pittsburgh for her book, The Promise.
She is an avid traveller and a big Liverpool FC fan. When she is not writing you can find her in a plethora of coffee shops, locally, or abroad.
Using the name ItsClaStevOfficial, you can find out more about Claire on most social media platforms.

So, let’s start by talking books. Plug me a book.

Quite frankly, I am grateful if you read any of them!

I feel that response on a spiritual level. Sometimes it feels like I can’t give them away! But we carry on. Tell me, who or what inspires you?

Anyone who gets up in the morning and still manages to make it through the day without Coffee!!

Why would anyone choose to do that? Anyway, let’s talk sandwiches. Do you have a favourite?

Yes, its in Kent. Lovely little town.

Are your fictional lesbians questioning anything? If so, what?

When, who, how to have sex usually… they’re simple folk…

That’s your sales pitch right there, I reckon. Anyway, what about non lesbians? Do they question things? Do you care?

I do care.. I might have the answer! The answer might be become a lesbian!

I like your thinking… anyway, what about bisexuals? Twice the questions? Half the questions?

They have as many questions, they just use twice as many pronouns

I know I do… so, cats or dogs?

Both… I have 2 of each

Four pets? You MUST have an opinion on pet couture, surely?

I have no idea what that even means….

And we were getting on so well… anyway, what inspired your current book?

Its a sequel… it was demanded by my adoring public.

I myself have a fan. Hi Simon. So, if your book was an animal, what would it be?

I’d have a menagerie. No book is the same animal.

If you could question any lesbian, who would you choose?

Am I a police officer in this scenario?

I’m starting to feel like I’m intruding on my own interview. Let’s wrap it up, recommend me some books…

I don’t read…

I have nothing left… um, where can people find you online?

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