Questioning Lesbians – KD Williamson

Questioning Lesbians – KD Williamson

KD is a Southerner and a former nomad, taking up residence in the Mid-West, east coast, and New Orleans over the years. She was a Hurricane Katrina survivor displaced to the mountains of North Carolina but has since found her way back to Louisiana where she lives with her wife and the most horribly spoiled pets in history.

She enjoys all things geek from video games to super heroes. KD is a veteran in the mental health field where she works with children and their families. She discovered writing as a teenager with the help of her English teacher, whom she had a huge crush on. With her teacher’s help, KD wrote her first short story but afterwards, had a hard time finding inspiration. Years later, writing fanfic became her gateway into lesbian fiction. Now, she has released her sixth book through Dirt Road Books.

So, you have a new book out, excitings. What’s it all about, KD?

While Big Girl Pill is a book that features protagonists in their early twenties it is very much a book about coming into self; realising what’s important, and those small unexpected moments that are filled with laughter. Also, it’s about listening to your body and your heart.

Mostly when I listen to my body it’s saying “I’m hungry”. Tell me, do you have a favourite sandwich?

Muffuletta. It’s a sandwich born and bred in New Orleans. It’s a little spicy and a little salty.

Don’t tease me! OK, I took that to food way too quickly, and as we all know, I’m a serious journo, so tell me, who inspires you?

The lesfic community. I aspire to push it forward toward more diversity and acceptance and to tinker outside the box.

How is it that whenever I do one of these interviews it always comes back around to boxes? Wait, no, don’t answer that. Let’s talk pets, cats or dogs?

I have three pugs and two cats.

And of course, pugs are the perfect size for outfits, am I right?!

Nooo. The most we do is collars, beds and toys.

Sigh. OK… Tell me, as this is the point of the interview, what are your fictional lesbians questioning, if anything?

Themselves. Such as, their choices and their hearts.

And what about non lesbians? Do they have questions?

All people do and good characters straight or gay are flawed so of course they do.

OK, so you’ve covered straight or gay, but what about bisexuals? Do they have twice the questions?

We’re all people. I don’t think bisexuals question things any more or less than anyone else does. I think people assume and question them more than anything which is unfortunate.

I find that if you loudly say (shout) “it’s because I’m bisexual” across a mall, the questions stop, at least temporarily… or at least I heard that somewhere… eh hem… anyway, what were we talking about? Right, yes, your book. What inspired that, then?

I wanted to try my hand at the friends to lovers and second chance romance trope all in one and do it my way. It’s a simple story on the surface that’s nuanced and complicated at the core.

That sounds great! So, tell me, if it was an animal, what would it be?

One of those strange looking South American tree frogs. They seem simple but there’s a hell of a lot going on underneath because you don’t know what you’re getting.

I love frogs, I rescued one from a bag of knitting once. Anyway, if you could question any lesbian, who would you choose?

Alice Walker. I’d want to know how she made her protagonists so powerful after going through so much in The Colour Purple.

Excellent question! OK, hit me up with your top 3 lesfic reads!

Wild by Meghan O’Brien, Anything book by Jae, Truth and Measure by Roslyn Sinclair (Telanu)

Fabulous. And finally, where can we find you on the interwebs?

Twitter @Rizzleslovr72

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