Questioning Lesbians – L.C. Mawson

You know what this is by now. I pin down a lesfic author and demand answers. I usually release them unharmed at the end. If you’re feeling brave and would like to take part then you can find the questions here.

L.C. Mawson is a cryptid who reportedly loves writing fast-paced genre fiction where girls kiss other girls, but is so rarely seen outside of her native habitat – her room – that it’s hard to verify.

I can already sense we’re going to get along, as I rarely leave my cave. But in these trying times we’re the new normal! Ha! Anyway, what would you like to talk about today?

My newest series, Ember Academy for Young Witches, is a YA Urban Fantasy Academy series that follows Amelia, a teenage lesbian who realises that she’s a Witch and that ancient forces may be out for her blood. Book One is available for pre-order and a prequel novella is now available to read for free:

That sounds fabulous. OK, so, we know you have fictional lesbians, but what are they questioning?

They’re usually questioning the institutions they’re trapped within and the validity of tradition.

This story is sounding right up my alley! OK, tell me what inspires you.

Anything and everything. And if that seems like too vague of an answer, my latest two examples of inspiration sources are “questions I have about the nature of community in the 21st century” and “an Undertale fan song that was stuck in my head.”

I mean… yeah… OK… um… Cats or dogs?

Cats (but also dogs are very good)

I’ll have to introduce you to my wonky ninja. OK, now the important stuff. What’s your favourite sandwich?

A crisp sandwich. Anything else can be in it as well, but there have to be crisps.

And almost certainly one of your 5 a day… um… yeah… So, pet couture, are you pro?

No, I always end up wondering whether or not the pet is happy with it.

And we were getting on so well until now… Never mind. Tell me what inspired your latest series.

Realising that I had yet to write a book in my Urban Fantasy universe with a vampire love interest.

There are vampires and you didn’t lead with this? I’m fine… if you could question any lesbian who would it be?

I’d ask Ruby Rose if the Batwoman wig makes it difficult to see. Seems like going from short hair in your day-to-day life to long hair when fighting would be the least practical way around, but I’d want to ask the person actually in the costume (or her stunt double).

OMG, I can’t believe she’s leaving us! Sniffles. Anyway thank you very much for stopping by. As you know, I have one reader, please let Kiko know where they can find you online.

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