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MA Binfield is a hopeless romantic living in the UK with her long-term partner. She loves books, tea, traveling, tea, theater, and tea. She is a frustrated linguist who is overly tall and has always wanted to be left-handed. She’s a passionate public servant and, randomly, a qualified football referee. Home is always where the heart is.

My fan may remember you from my book launch, but for everyone else, tell us a bit about the book you’ve come to talk about.

It’s a sweet, angsty, slow burn romance with some great sex and a hAPPy eNDiNg!

We all love a happy ending. And speaking of happy, what’s your favourite sandwich?

Ham and piccalilli or just crisps on white bread. I’m a purist.

If you were a purist it would be a chip butty and I’ll have no arguments. Anyway, Back to lesbians. What do your fictional lesbians question? Do they question or is it just a rumour?

Oh yeah. Constantly. Their love for each other, their capacity for happiness, their sartorial choices.

What about non lesbians, do they have questions?

They should. A lot.

How about Bisexuals?

ALL of the questions.

If your book was an animal, what would it be?

A raccoon called Valentina

Specific… Dogs or cats?

Which one is most likely to miss me when I go out? I have neither though I am thinking about a budgie.

Not sure how easy a budgie would be to accessorise, but generally speaking, where are you on the great pet couture debate?

Absolutely not. (What is it exactly? Is it when dogs dress up in cammo jackets?)

*Takes deep breath and changes subject* Who or what inspires you?

Kindness, people active in their communities, Kristin Scott-Thomas’s French and Gillian Anderson’s confidence

And on the subject of inspiration, what inspired your latest book?

A desire to take some time off work. I needed a really good excuse. Plus I had a laptop full of unfinished romance novels and it was getting embarrassing. This one decided to push itself to the front. They’d been waiting for their happy ending for an indecently long time.

Haven’t we all? Ahem… Anyway… If you could question any lesbian, who would you pick and what would you ask?

I’d ask Sarah Waters to write a bit quicker so we could have a book a year not every two years. (The absolute cheek of me!)

Top 3 lesfic reads! Go!

Thy Neighbour’s Wife – Georgia Beers (it’s just paced so well, and has some great sex)
Love at Cooper’s Creek – Missouri Vaun (my first book of hers, I discovered hot southern butches because of that book)
Affinity – Sarah Waters (it’s masterful, it made me want to cut my wrists but it’s still masterful and it reminds me why I love books with happy endings!)

Who would you like to see next on Questioning Lesbians?

Did you question yourself yet? C H Clepitt.

Would that not be a tad narcissistic?? Anyway, tell my reader where they can find you on the web!

If you would like to answer my probing questions, you can find them here.

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