There are a series of shorts available exclusively on Amazon Kindle, and excitingly enough they have their own following.  So much so that it has been worth adding a reviews section for them!


CH Clepitt has a knack of making you want to read more.

I’m a fan of CH Clepitt’s short fiction series

I honestly thought I’d reviewed this already – the day it came out, I gobbled it up, which shows how much I enjoy CH Clepitt’s writing.

A particular shout out to the narration, by Alicia Rose, which I didn’t settle to at first but the more I listened, the more she nailed the mood of the piece. She has a voice that reminded me of Natalia Tena – who played Osha in Game of Thrones – with a hint of danger in her narration.

Altered Instinct

An excellent short read, ‘Lineage’ has been awarded a Gold Acorn.

This author writes with brilliant wit and demonstrates considerable cynicism regarding humanity, two qualities that I enjoy immensely, I definitely want to read on and know more of this story. I plan to read the next short in this series very soon.

Book Squirrel


The Crew Chronicles

If I had to pick one word to describe this book, it would be perky. Or wait, maybe there needs to be a bit of impertinent in there. Or vivacious. Or… you see? This one-word thing is never going to work out.

Think Firefly with fairies and you’ve got the idea

On the face of it, the Crew Chronicles might appear to be set up for a light-hearted, soaring space frolic – it is, after all, about fairies in space. But C H Clepitt has weightier tales to tell – the existence of fairies in this era of space exploration is a beginning point to explore all kinds of issues about how humans treat others, as well as giving us the chance for adventure.

There may be fairies here – but there’s no clapping your hands three times to make everything better, and there’s no happy ever after.

Altered Instinct

Life Begins at 48

I can’t lie – this isn’t at all my genre, but the writing is brisk and spritely, and the delightfully measured narration by Margaret Ashley fits the bill neatly. It’s quite short again, and you could listen to both if you have an hour to spare. If gentle romance and light comedy are what you look for, then this might well be the kind of thing that makes people look across at you as you chuckle away with headphones clamped firmly over your head.

Altered Instinct