The Duplicate Affair – Chapter 4

The Duplicate Affair – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Consequences

“What did you do?” Leonard’s voice was at fever pitch as Helen and Raj wandered into the office.

“Cleaned up after your f*** up,” Helen said without looking at him. She made a beeline for Georgia, who was clutching a brandy and sitting with her ankle elevated and iced.

“My….” Leonard began, but Helen ignored him.

“How’s the ankle,” she asked in her brisk tone that flustered Georgia.

“Don’t, mate,” Raj patted Leonard on the shoulder in what appeared to be a show of support, but was probably an act of peacekeeping.

“It… I… “ Georgia began.

“Need to get you in a position to defend yourself, really,” Helen spoke thoughtfully to no one in particular as she poured herself a brandy. “Of course, we were too late to get the damn phone,” she continued to Leonard now. “So, what’s your wonderful plan to fix that?”

“We’d already remote wiped it,” he gritted his teeth as he spoke to her. “All your little escapade did was draw unnecessary attention to our presence here.”

“My god! If I didn’t genuinely believe the only reason you got your bloody job was your tiny shrivelled white penis I’d question the existence of your thinking organ at all, Leonard!” Helen exploded. “They know you’re here, you stupid bastard! Why else would they steal her f***ing phone? Christ!” 

“I… um… How dare you speak to me like that!” Leonard stuttered.

“Enough, Leonard!” A tall, well dressed woman walked into the room. “I was dubious about your ‘recruitment app’ before it was compromised. Now I need you to shut it down immediately. Please go and make sure it happens. Hand off all your other projects to 3 for distribution. The next time I want to see you will be because you’ve made it so this shit never happened, and I hope that’s soon. Clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Leonard murmured and walked out. 

“Don’t think you’re off the hook, Helen,” the woman continued. “You can’t keep going off half cocked all the time!”

“That’s half a cock more than Leonard’s using…” Helen responded without missing a beat.

The woman rolled her eyes. “Well, he’s off project management now, and I’ll be looking into retirement for him. But in the meantime, I’m going to need you and Raj to clean this up properly, I’m afraid. Pack a bag, wheels up in thirty minutes.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Helen moved towards the door, but paused at Georgia. “Chin up, it’s a rough first day, but the pay and benefits are excellent, and you won’t have to see me for at least a couple of months, what’s not to like?” She winked and moved on. 

Georgia found herself blushing.

“Watch it,” Raj grinned as he followed. “She’ll break your heart soon as look at ya.”

“Well,” the tall woman seated herself next to Georgia. “That was rather trial by fire, I’m afraid. Leonard was piloting a new recruitment scheme. It wasn’t designed to put potential applicants in danger, that was an unfortunate side effect, but it does mean you know a lot more than you should, which means if you didn’t want the job…”

“I want the job!” Georgia cut her off.

“Oh, good. May I ask why?”

“I was attacked. I want to know why, and I want to stop the people who attacked me from hurting anyone else.” She said firmly. She did not add that she wanted to see Helen again.

“Excellent. We’ll get you some training, self defence, role play, general stuff, but you’ll be entirely office based. I’ll have Margo start the paperwork. You’ll be better staying here tonight whilst we get you relocated. I already have people at your flat.”

She smiled and walked out. Georgia swallowed hard. What was she getting herself into?

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The Duplicate Affair

Written by C H Clepitt

Copyright Claire Evans 2019. 

This is a work of fiction. All persons, places and events are products of the author’s imagination. Any similarities to persons, living or deceased, places of business or residence or actual events is purely coincidental.

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