Wolf Killer Trailer With Alt Text

Here is the Wolf Killer trailer with Alt Text.

Frame 1: A picture of a story book with magical sparkles. Text appears: Once upon a time.

Frame 2: A pink and blue image of The Statue of Liberty. Text appears: In a far away land.

Frame 3: Image of two women slow dancing. There are hearts flashing on the screen. Text appears: Clara met Red.

Frame 4: A dark silhouette of a figure in a hood. Text appears: But with a killer on the loose…

Frame 5: Image of a night sky. Lightning flashes. Text appears: Will they find their happily ever after?

Frame 6: Black background. The cover image of Wolf Killer spins and then stops. Text appears: Wolf Killer. Coming September 26th. Visit C H Clepitt dot com.

Thank you to the users on Pixabay for providing royalty free images that I was able to edit.

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