Short Stories by C H Clepitt

As well as full length books C H Clepitt ha a number of short story series available on Kindle Unlimited and Audible. You can find the first in each series of short stories by C H Clepitt below. Click the sample to find out more.

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A Blessing in Disguise (Life Begins at 48 Series)

When Linda is made redundant, she plans to travel and do all the things she never had a chance to do when she was working. Her plans are scuppered, however, when her mother is rushed into hospital. Moving back home opens up a new life for Linda that she could never have imagined for herself.

This is a short story by the author of A Reason to Stay, C. H. Clepitt, and in the short time you spend with these characters, you’ll feel like you really know them. A Blessing in Disguise is romantic, witty, and heart-warming and will leave you wanting more.

Pilot (The Crew Chronicles Series)

It’s not easy being different, but when you have good friends and a supportive family even the scariest criminals can be taken down. Join Crew, in the first of a series of short story length Sci Fi adventures from the author of The Book of Abisan.


Lineage: A Beginning (Lineage Series)

“Kev was right!” she hissed.
“Right about what?”
“Right about the vampires!”
Life for Emma isn’t easy, surviving from moment to moment, the streets are dangerous. When her life is threatened by a drug dealer Emma discovers a lineage she never knew she had.
This is a short story from the author of The Book of Abisan.